Needle mesotherapy training program MESO – 1
2 day course – £ 499 + VAT


It’s a solid theoretical knowledge and practical traditional needle mesotherapy training course, during which you will gain knowledge and learn different techniques of mesotherapy, will be able to mix the right cocktail according to the customer’s needs and problems.

Practical exercises are performed with live models. After the course, you can immediately begin to apply the acquired knowledge.  Mesotherapy helps to solve skin problems such as rashes, cuperosis, scars, wrinkles, bags under the eyes, skin aging, cellulite, stretch marks, obesity, second chin, hair loss.

On this course you will also learn how  to perform biorevitalisation procedure. Biorevitalization is an injection method for injecting active substances. It enables achieving the rejuvenation of the skin of your face, neck, décolleté and body very fast. Most often, when performing biorevitalization, there are used the medications based on hyaluronic acid.

In this way, especially effective skin’s moisture, restores the water balance of the skin, resulting optimum conditions for the renewal of cells, cell metabolism and stimulate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid synthesis own.

The price includes the work equipment and medicines used in practical tasks. For product is used during the practice paid extra.

The training is conducted by qualified beauty specialists with the years of experience in multi-injection practices. We will also offer a wide range of beauty injection products for a special price to our students.

1 session – 1 day
Mesotherapy concepts and tasks. Facial structure evaluation. Indications, contraindications, side effects and potential impact of unforeseen events, allergies, prevention, treatments.

2 session – 1 day
First-aid kit.  Tools and profitableness.  Mesotherapy  specialist workplace organization.  Procedures, protocols and techniques.  Aseptic and antiseptic.

3 session – 1 day
Therapeutic programs.
Determination of anatomical landmarks.
Possible complications, the patient’s rehabilitation.

4 session – 1&2 day
Facial Biorevitalisation. Practical work with model.
5 session – 1&2 day
Body  treatment.  Practical work with the model.

6 session – 1&2 day

Scalp treatment. Practical work with the model.